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Domain name registrations.

The page lays out domain registrations dynamics for %TLD%.

As the Internet kept developing, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) released some 1,400 new extensions to cover other fields such as science, technology, place names and leisure activities. Those new domain names enhanced recognizability, improved traffic, and boosted branding.

The more recent top-level domains are now called New generic TLDs, or ngTLDs for short. As such, Domain Name Stat has broadened the statistical analysis of domain name registrations to determine how the new fields are impacting business and industries.

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Registrations distribution, by TLD

The table shows the distribution of domain names under New gTLDs. Such statistics make it easy for users to see the marketing directions in which domain owners are going, get a perspective of where new trends are headed, as well as helping them to make the right business decisions.

The pie chart illustrates the domain name distribution of New gTLDs, making it easy to decide whether it’s worth having an extension or not.

TLD name
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Domain registrations dynamics - %DETAILS%

Here, we’ve laid out the latest domain registration dynamics for New gTLDs. The data can help to venture into an exciting new front or check which way the new players are heading.

The stats are obtained from multiple data sources and updated with a slight delay. Last 3 days’ figures displayed could be lower than what they currently are.

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Stay updated on the dynamic additions to the new ngTLD family.

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