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Domain Name Stat

API access

All data provided on the website is available through API access.

Get started

Get comprehensive statistics data structured according
to the following parameters

By TLD type
  • The overall number of domains registered, by TLD type
  • Number of TLDs in group
  • Number of registered domains
  • Registrations distribution breakdown by TLD
  • Domain registrations dynamics
  • Number of registered domains in current TLD
  • Signed zones
  • Upcoming deletes
  • Registrars working with the current TLD
  • Backend info
By registrar
  • Top registrars distribution by number of registered domains
  • Number of TLDs the registrar works with
  • Number of registered domains
  • Global market share
  • Registrar ID assigned by ICANN (IANA ID)
By country of the registrant
  • Number of TLDs the country works with
  • Domain name registrations, by the country
  • Global market share
  • Signed zones
  • Upcoming deletes
rocket Easy integration and fast response
puzzle Well parsed and normalized to a consistent format
agenda Accurate, relevant and up-to-date statistics
analysis Exclusive insights into exhaustive domain data

Practical uses

  • Check a given domain name for registration and expiration dates, similarities, duplicates, or copycats and any other details for general or specific purposes such us marketing and brand protection.
  • Check domain names when investigating unlawful activity to uncover connected domains, websites and IP addresses associated with fraudulent activities.
  • Check the details of a domain name’s history and information on the registrant when transferring ownership.

If you are interested in API integration,
please contact us.

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