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Check WHOIS History

Dig into more than 13.7B+ historical WHOIS records obtained from data crawling.

13.7 billion
WHOIS Records
700 million
Active domain names
TLDs & ccTLDs

WHOIS History lets you look into a domain name’s entire life cycle, giving context to crucial business processes, such as cybercrime investigations and third-party risk assessments. Historical WHOIS records include the contact information of previous owners, relevant registration dates, and registrar details. Our historical WHOIS database contains information on millions of domain names spanning thousands of TLDs.

WHOIS History lets you uncover a domain’s past to:

Deepen cybercrime investigations

Investigators often face roadblocks when looking up a potentially malicious domain name, such as lack of registrant information. Sometimes, all they can do is block an erring domain and possible associations. But the same threat actors would just change domain names and strike again.

Cybercrime investigators can check WHOIS History to gather more insights on who’s behind a malicious domain. Armed with past ownership details, investigators and law enforcers can build attacker profiles, bringing them one step closer to catching the perpetrators.

Lessen third-party risks

Third-party and vendor risk management is crucial to organizations. It’s essential to find out everything you can about a potential partner, vendor, or customer before allowing them access to your network.

Historical WHOIS can reveal important details about these third parties, such as associations with suspicious characters and organizations. Relevant registration dates allow users to double-check their qualifications as well.

Protect your domain reputation

An organization’s domain carries its brand and is thus crucial to its success. Obtaining a domain that has been associated with ill-reputed websites and activities can undermine current marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

Check WHOIS History to unearth the records of a domain name. Past associations with malicious activities can land a domain on a blocklist, which can negatively affect a company’s SEO ranking and email deliverability.

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