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Newly Registered Domains Data Feeds

Get access to comprehensive data feeds of 200,000 newly registered domains or just dropped ones every day.

Our Newly Registered Domains Data Feeds can clue you in to the latest happenings in the domain registration landscape. Our data feeds provide a list of 200,000+ domains registered or dropped each day, assuring users of relevant information to fulfill their data requirements for cybersecurity and research. Users can also obtain subsets of NRDs based on top-level domain (TLD) extension or for specific periods of interest. Because the feeds come in comma-separated values (CSV) format, they can be integrated into any existing standard system and spreadsheet application or custom solution.

Practical uses

Identify Bad Actors

Hackers often use NRDs to build their attack infrastructure and evade detection while executing their campaigns. They often register new domains in bulk as well to lower costs.

By monitoring new domain registrations, organizations can identify suspicious actors and block threat sources.

Monitor the Competition

Digital marketers are used to tough competition. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do everything in their power to rise to the top with comprehensive market insights.

Getting ahead may require greater monitoring of competitors’ plans. Looking at their contenders’ NRDs can clue them in to their next steps and upcoming offerings.

Detect Cyber Threats

Malware attacks are commonplace and no organization is safe. NRDs often serve as hosts to malicious websites that spread threats.

Web filtering has thus become an important activity for cybersecurity teams, and doing so is possible with access to NRDs data feeds.

For access to our Newly Registered Domains Data Feeds, please contact us.

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