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Country-level domains

There’s a lot to learn from how domain names are distributed by the country. Relevant statistics can point toward current or emerging opportunities and help you make informed investment decisions in specific niches showing a clear or prospective upward trajectory.

Getting pertinent information about the countries where domains are registered can provide you with clues to your business prospects, the economic profile of your potential customers, and the level of competition you will most likely be facing.

Domain name registrations, by country of the registrant

The most basic data set is the identification of the countries with the highest volume of domain registrations and their corresponding market shares. The rankings can give you a sense of a country’s potential investment-wise, as well as point to the possible local areas that hold promise given the country’s present and future economic outlook. The data also comprises valuable intelligence information that can direct you towards growth areas while avoiding the risks associated with lack of or insufficient market knowledge.

The awareness alone of where most domains operate provides enough insights on what tactics to employ for various personas — from business people looking for investment opportunities to enthusiastic online entrepreneurs seeking to grow their presence.

Pie chart showing top countries distribution by number of registered domains.

Registered domains Share, %

Get on top of ccTLD trends

Keep up with the quickly-changing pace of domain name registration statistics by the country.

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