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Top level domains

Top-level domains, or TLDs for short, are domains of the hierarchy’s highest level. They are all located in the root zones of name spaces. For lower-level domains, TLD is the last part of the domain name, i.e., the last label of a full domain name. For instance, in, the top-level domain is ‘.net’.

What can you learn from these? Domain Name Stat’s colorful charts, spreadsheets, and tables graphically telegraph the stats on TLDs such that you can immediately see the message that they are trying to convey, not having to waste precious time figuring out what you need to know.

Domain name registrations, by TLD

Domain names are grouped per TLD type upon registration. Knowing how they are clustered have important applications that include shedding light on the number of registered domains in specific TLDs; showing the number of registrars working with the current TLD batch which could be leveraged in cybersecurity investigations; and clearly identifying the top 10 TLDs according to percentage rankings which can guide researchers and prospective domain owners to which TLD group to consider joining.

Staying updated on notable trends in the distribution of top TLDs helps companies and professionals to make the necessary adjustments to their activities as situations require. The statistics can also be applied to an organization’s own analytics models in order to derive data for various objectives.

Pie chart showing the distribution of top TLDs by number of registered domains.

TLD name
Registered domains Share, %

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