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Domain Name Stat

Custom reports

Get tailored reports on TLDs that cover datasets falling into a category of domain names, WHOIS and DNS.

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Our exhaustive domain name database covers most TLDs

Generic TLDs:
.com .net .org .edu .int .mil .gov
Country TLDs:
.de .uk .cn .ru .tk .nl .eu .fr .au .ca, etc.
New gTLDs:
.info .xyz .top .us .loan .biz .club .win .vip, etc.
Internationalized TLDs
from 在线 (online), संगठन (organization), セール (sale), 닷컴 (dot com) to vermögensberater (financial advisor)

For each TLD we track

  • Daily activities (adds/drops), size of active domains, trends, creation/expiry date, updates, pending deletes, renewals and so on.
  • Registrar’s market share, including that pertaining to the local market, name/email, WHOIS and DNS server and others.
  • Any other related TLDs sorted by the parent organization, sector or back-end provider.
... and there’s more!

We have the world’s largest WHOIS domain database.

agenda Accurate, relevant and up-to-date statistics
analysis Exclusive insights into exhaustive domain data
presentation Reports customized to your very own needs
chart Spreadsheets, charts or any other format convenient to you

Example reports

  • Domain name activities on a given date.
  • TLD registration/termination trends.
  • Reports on essential attributes of domain registration, for example, its registrant, email, registrar or name servers.
  • Top N members of the essential attributes. Those could be the top 10 TLDs with the most new domain registration, top 20 registrants with the most domain registrations, top 10 registrars with the biggest market share, top 10 name servers that host the most domains, etc.
... and any other kind of report you require!

We compile reports from any of the data sets mentioned above. Get in touch and tell us what your requirements are.

Tell us what’s on your mind

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