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Get comprehensive and properly parsed information on all domains that have ever been registered.

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Our exhaustive historic WHOIS database allows you to find out anything about a particular domain name. You will gain access to WHOIS records of all domain names we have monitored from 2008 on. You can find out who registered it, the registrar, expiry dates, last update date, who to contact about the domain name, and many more...

Get all the data you need

We offer a comprehensive and duly parsed historic WHOIS database as an MYSQL, MYSQL dump or CSV file. Each record contains all parsed fields of the domain's WHOIS data that your application can easily process.

Practical uses

Individual check

Check a given domain name for registration and expiration dates, similarities, duplicates, or copycats and any other details for general or specific purposes such us marketing and brand protection.

Registrar check

Check the details of a domain name’s history and information on the registrant when transferring ownership.

Authorities check

Check domain names when investigating unlawful activity to uncover connected domains, websites and IP addresses associated with fraudulent activities.

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