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Domain Name Stat

Domain name registrations.

The page lays out domain registrations dynamics for %TLD%.

All types of TLDs, including ngTLDs, gTLDs, and ccTLDs, are included in one section enabling users to see how they interact in terms of percentage distributions on given dates. The data provided on All TLDs paint a picture of the entire TLD family and their growth trends.

TLDs in this group -
Registered domains -

Registrations distribution, by TLD

The table gives an accurate depiction of domain name distribution for All TLDs. Users can see how different TLD types are performing in relation to one another. It’s easy to detect which ones are growing and which ones are in decline.

The pie chart shows a colorful comparison of domain name registrations for all types of TLDs. Domainers, registrars, and prospective domain owners can assess the different players of the Web according to the influence that their percentage shares show.

TLD name
Registered domains Share, %

Domain registrations dynamics - %DETAILS%

The statistics exhibited in the graph represent a comprehensive picture regarding domain registrations over the years. This enables users to monitor and analyze historical trends and market changes, as well as cross-check numbers for other applications.

The stats are obtained from multiple data sources and updated with a slight delay. Last 3 days’ figures displayed could be lower than what they currently are.

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