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Domain Name Stat

Domain registrations compared among registrars

Domain registrations occur every day under different registrars, and their distribution can be tracked to show the shifting landscape of the Internet and how different players have been performing over time.

Domain Name Stat allows users to learn more about a specific registrar’s history by going through a record showing their share of domain name registrations along with other providers over a given period.

We also provide comparative statistical data to exhibit just how many new domains are coming in and under which registrar. Conclusions can be drawn from them on whether a registrar is gaining or losing customers, and in which months or years the trend takes place.

Domain name registrations, by registrar

Domain Name Stat provides annual historical records of domain name registrations by registrar from 2016 up to the present. The statistical data is available for free and provides insights which any interested party can learn from. A sustained increase in registrants, for example, not only boosts a registrar’s reputation but also indicates robust growth in the type of domains that they attract. Historical performance also reveals how registrars penetrate the market, who their main competitors are, and how they have been behaving over time.

Apart from yearly stats, records of domain name distributions by registrar are collated monthly to show a more current picture of how things stand. Are the leaders maintaining their positions? Or are new players gaining a foothold as a reaction to some global trend or local development?

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