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Domain Name Stat

List of domain name registrars

Domain name registrars are companies that have been authorized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to put Internet domain names on sale. In that sense, you can think of them as brokers in the vast real estate market of the World Wide Web.

Domain Name Stat analyzes the statistics of domain names and registrars and their relationship to global trends and business events. Domains practically operate under registrars’ wings, and so it pays to learn the statistical data around them.

Domain name registrations, by registrar

Registrar stats let you look at the distribution of domains under each registrar, and the information can help you make the right choice when it’s time to pick a registrar with which you plan to register your domain name.

Knowing the relevant stats regarding domain name registrations by registrars also helps with domain appraisal, determining market penetration, and learning the dynamics within a certain country or TLD.

Are the numbers saying that a provider is worthy of trust? Accessing information on registrars could be the first step to establish their credibility.

Pie chart showing the distribution of top registrars by the number of registered domains.

Registrar name
Registered domains Share, %

Get on top of trends in the registrar market

Get up-to-date domain name registration statistics by registrar.

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