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Domain Name Stat

Domain Name Statistics
Made Insanely Accessible

When you mention domain statistics, people tend to get tense. The complex computation and analysis involved often intimidate and scare them away. Domain Name Stat is changing that with powerful yet user-friendly stats for multiple purposes.

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Domain Name Statistics for Everyone You Know

Cybersecurity Specialists

Cybersecurity professionals can look up domain registrations for clues to possible attacks.

Law Enforcers

Law enforcers can trace domain statistics to see from where criminal registrations might arise.

Marketing Managers

Marketers can see the evolution or dissolution of market niches based on domain growth.


Domainers can spot growth areas attractive to domain investments and beat the competition.


Registrars can see where they stand vis-à-vis other registrars for particular countries or TLDs.


Researchers can use domain stats to study emerging social, economic, or scientific phenomena.

WHOIS Database Download

Our exhaustive WHOIS database download covers most TLDs and contains 5 billion historic WHOIS records that enable you to find any identifiable information on a particular domain name.

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API Access

All the data provided on our website is available through API access which allows quick response and easy integration into a company’s existing app or IT system.

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